Cocksuremen….Topher DiMaggio and Lance Luciano

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Oct 262016


Topher DiMaggio and Lance Luciano

“Introducing Lance Luciano, Topher DiMaggio’s real life boyfriend, in his very first porn movie! Topher lets us know how great of a kisser Lance is, and also tells us that Lance is always hard for no good reason. Well, having Topher as your boyfriend is a pretty good reason! Topher whips out Lance’s huge piece of uncut meat and sucks on that monster. Lance is eager to return the favor and drops to his knees to swallow Topher DiMaggio’s pole down to its base. Topher thrusts his big rod in and out of Lance Luciano’s mouth. The action moves to the bed where they exchange more sloppy blow jobs. Lance gets on all fours and spreads his ass open, inviting Topher’s warm tongue to have a taste. Topher works Lance’s hole with his tongue, getting it wet and ready for his cock. Topher pounds his boyfriend from behind. They both moan and groan in testosterone soaked passion. Lance Luciano takes every inch of Topher like a champ, no matter how hard Topher plows. Lance sprays his warm load all over his ripped stomach causing Topher DiMaggio to fuck him faster and harder. Topher pulls out and drops a huge load all over his sexy boyfriend’s chest and face. We thin Lance is a natural in front of the camera. We think he has a BIG career ahead of him, as well as “behind” him.”


Cocksuremen….Derek Parker..Mike De Marko

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Oct 262016


Derek Parker and Mike De Marko

“Mike De Marko has been waiting to fuck around with Derek Parker for over a year. Well, we made his fantasy come true! By the time we get the cameras rolling the two hunks are already on the couch half naked and making out. Mike rips off Derek’s pants and swallows his cock. Sucking Derek’s dick gives Mike a raging hard-on. He’s packing a GIGANTIC cock. Mike and his huge tool lay back on the couch and Derek buries his tongue in Mike’s sweet ass. Derek makes sure to get it wet and ready for his hard cock. Getting fucked by Derek was definitely worth the wait. Every thrust is pure heaven for Mike. It feels so good that Mike De Marko blows his load while still getting slammed in the ass. Derek Parker laps up Mike’s cum and feeds it back to Mike. Fucking HOT! Derek then shoots his sweet juice onto Mike’s cock and pubes. Together at last!”


Cocksuremen….Kyle Savage..Mikoha Kan

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Oct 262016


Kyle Savage Barebacks Mikoha Kan

“Kyle Savage has Mikoha Kan bent over a bar stool as he slowly pushes his thick, throbbing, raw cock into Mikoha’s tight, muscled ass. Mikoha slowly backs his ass up to Kyle’s bare rod. The slow thrusting of Kyle’s hips up against Mikoha’s bubble butt starts off slowly and quickly speeds up as Kyle pounds his dick into Mikoha’s hole. Kyle takes a break from fucking Mikoha bareback and shoves his wet cock down Mikoha’s throat. Mikoha deep-throats Kyle’s cock for a few minutes and then bends over again and guides Kyle’s bare cock back into his pink hole. After getting his ass rammed, Mikoha bends over on top of the bar and let’s Kyle eat his ass and finger his hole. Kyle climbs on top of the bar and lays down with his thick meat hard as a rock sticking out like a flagpole. Mikoha stands over him and slowly lowers himself down on Kyle’s cock, all the way down to his balls. Mikoha rides Kyle’s raw dick long and hard. Mikoha lays down on a set of bar stools and pulls his legs back as Kyle barebacks him. Kyle continues to pound away at Mikoha Kan’s tight hole until Mikoha shoots his load all over his abs. Kyle Savage pounds away at Mikoha’s ass until he pulls his raw dick out and cums all over Mikoha’s hole. Kyle sticks his spurting cock in and out, using his own cum as lube, breeding Mikoha.”


Cocksuremen….Phenix Saint..Angelo

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Oct 262016


Phenix Saint and Angelo

“Phenix Saint and Angelo have astounding, muscular physiques. Phenix quickly strips muscle-stud Angelo out of his clothes. Angelo’s pouty lips pucker as Phenix swallows his thick, uncut cock. Angelo grows inside Phenix’s talented mouth until he’s rock-hard at his full, impressive mass. Phenix drops his pants revealing his sweet, sexy ass and beautiful dick. Angelo drops to his knees and sucks Phenix down to his balls. Both stallions are horny as hell and are ready to flip fuck! Phenix is the first to spread his cheeks and take Angelo’s thick meat. “You’re splitting me in half!” Phenix screams as Angelo stuffs him from behind. Payback time and Phenix lays back on the bed so Angelo can sit his bubble-butt down on his hard cock. Phenix continues to throttle Angelo’s sweet hole until Angelo sprays his sweet load onto his own stomach. Phenix Saint adds to the mess, cuming onto Angelo’s cock and abs.”


Cocksuremen….Adam Herst..Ty Roderick

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Oct 262016


Adam Herst and Ty Roderick

“Muscular fuckers Adam Herst and Ty Roderick are horny and eager to get each others’ rocks off. Adam peels down Ty’s pants and goes to work on his hog. Ty fucks Adam’s juicy mouth while Adam strokes his raging hard on. Some frotting leads to a foot job which gets Adam all worked up and ready to fuck. Ty eats Adam’s hot hole and then buries his big dick deep inside. Adam moans in pure ecstasy from Ty’s furious fucking. After getting his asshole worked over, Adam Herst cums onto his ripped abs. Ty Roderick shoots his load onto Adam’s furry chest while he is still writhing around from his own orgasm.”


Cocksuremen….Scotty Rage..Charlie Harding

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Oct 262016


Scotty Rage..Charlie Harding

“Veteran porn star Charlie Harding introduces us to his hot, real-life boyfriend, Scotty Rage. When it comes to porn Scotty is a virgin, but he’s eager to pop his porn cherry. We asked them to have sex just like they would at home. Let’s take a peak at these 2 lovebirds making love. Lights, camera, fuck! Scotty and Charlie are very verbal, talking as they would at home. They start off kissing passionately, then Charlie goes down on Scotty’s rock-hard cock. Charlie gets on all fours and Scotty rims his hole. With Charlie’s hole nice and wet, Scotty plows him bareback. Charlie demands that Scotty ram his raw hole over and over. Charlie does just that. Charlie turns over and sucks Scotty, tasting his own ass juices. Scotty lies down on the bed and Charlie rides his raw pole bareback a long while. Next Charlie lies on his back and Scotty fucks him until Charlie shoots his load onto his abs, his lovers cock deep inside. Scotty strokes and squirts onto Charlie’s balls, then sticks his dripping cock back inside for a bit more fucking. Scotty licks up his and his partner’s cum and goes in for a wet kiss. At the end of their first, joint porn movie they profess their love for each other. Sweet & Sexy!”


Cocksuremen….Justin Coxx..Armond Rizzo

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Oct 262016


Justin Coxx..Armond Rizzo

“Justin Coxx and Armond Rizzo make out on the couch. They take their shirts off and stand up to feel each other’s hard bodies. They kiss and Armond sucks Justin’s chocolate nips as he makes his way down to the cock. Armond sucks Justin’s thick pipe all the way down, getting him nice and hard. Armond removes his clothes and they sit on the couch. Justin deep throats Armond’s uncut cock. He plays with the thick foreskin while he sucks. Armond lays back and props his legs up, opening his ass for Justin. Justin eats his warm hole, spitting and licking hungrily. Armond turns around and prepares to be penetrated. Justin slides his huge rod into Armond bareback. He slams Armond’s raw ass and drills his bare cock into the muscular stud. Justin pulls out so Armond can taste his ass on his dick. Armond blows Justin’s pecker before getting his muscular ass pounded bareback. He sits on Justin’s face and gets his stretched hole rimmed before filling his hole again. Justin Coxx breeds Armond’s hole, filling his ass with cum. Armond pushes the cum out, revealing a beautiful rosebud. Armond Rizzo strokes the cum out of his own cock and shoots a hot load on his chiseled abs.”


Cocksuremen….Shane Frost..Porter Loutrec

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Oct 262016


Shane Frost..Porter Loutrec

“Sexy and tanned Shane Frost and the bearded Porter Loutrec have thick cocks throbbing with excitement as they make out on the bed. Porter goes down on Shane, stimulating every inch of his dick. The two studs kiss and Porter turns over so Shane can eat him out. Shane rims and fingers Porter’s hairy hole, preparing it for his man meat. He teases Porter’s ass with his cock before diving deep and raw inside. Porter moans as Shane barebacks his hole. He slams his bubble-butt on the cock as Shane leans back to play with his nips. The handsome men sixty-nine and Porter shows off his exquisite deep-throating skills. Shane rides Porters face and Porter tongue fucks his ass from the bottom. Shane stands up and face-fucks an upside down Porter before going back to slamming his hairy hole bareback. He fucks Porter’s raw hole, pulling his cock all the way out and driving it back in. Porter climbs on top of Shane and fills his ass with naked cock. He opens his ass with his hands as he sits on Shane’s thick pole, riding it bareback. Porter Loutrec has an explosive orgasm and shoots cum across Shane’s muscular body. Shane pile-drives Porter before pulling out to squirt a thick load of cum on his hole. Shane plunges the raw cock and hot cum back in seeding Porter’s ass.”


Cocksuremen….James Hamilton..Scott Harbor

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Oct 262016


James Hamilton..Scott Harbor

“Hunky Scott Harbor’s kitchen sink is leaking and he asks his buddy James Hamilton to help him fix it. James hurries over and takes a look. His big cock slips out of his shorts as he works under the sink and Scott can’t help but crave it. Scott grabs James’s cock and convinces the stud to let him suck it. He sucks long and slow, making his dick thick and firm. James face-fucks Scott and makes him gag. He asks to suck Scott and goes to work deep throating his pecker while stroking his own. Scott persuades James to stick his raw pole in his eager ass. The two studs fuck bareback in the kitchen. Scott puts one leg up on the stool and James pounds deeper. James leans back against the sink and lets Scott work his ass on his raw cock. Scott then lays on the stool with his back against the counter and lets James hammer away bareback at his hole. James Hamilton pulls out and shoots a hot load in and around Scott’s ass. Scott Harbor releases his load on himself and thanks James for “cleaning his pipes.””


Cocksuremen….Billy Santoro..Seth Treston

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Oct 262016


Billy Santoro..Seth Treston

“Stud Billy Santoro and sexy Seth Treston make out in the gym locker room. The clothes come off fast as Billy assures Seth they are all alone. The two hunks take turns blowing each other. Seth struggles to deep throat Billy’s hard cock, gagging frequently. Billy takes on Seth’s cock with ease, even licking his balls. Seth leans against a stall so Billy can eat his ass. Billy eats like a pig, sloppily pounding Seth’s hole with his tongue. He gets Seth’s ass wet and pounds his raw hole bareback. Billy pulls out and bends over the locker bench so Seth can eat him out, too. Seth munches on Billy’s ass while milking Billy’s cock. They flip flop and Seth fills Billy’s hole with his hard raw pole. Billy rides Seth bareback on the bench, his cock flailing up and down with each bounce. He then grabs a tumbling mat and they make out. Seth lays down on the mat and Billy pile-drives his ass bareback even harder than before. Seth Treston gets the cum pounded out of him and shoots a huge load on himself. Billy bends over licking up his lover’s sweet mess. Billy Santoro shoots his cum on Seth’s balls and shoves his raw cum-covered cock back inside Seth, seeding his hole. He plays with the hot splooge and fingers Seth’s stretched hole seeding it even more. Billy licks Seth’s cummy ass and goes in for a wet kiss.”