Mormon Boyz….Elder Isaacs..Elder Larsen

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Feb 072016

Elder Isaacs..Elder Larsen

Elder Larsen knows that joining the Order won’t be easy, but he’s never wanted anything more in his life.

When he and his companion Elder Isaacs show up in the council room of Mormonism’s most secret inner circle, neither of them have any idea what is going to be demanded of them. That said, they’re willing to do anything to join.

Presented with two long benches studded with black knobs, the boys are terrified but also fascinated. The benches look like some kind of medieval torture device. Turns out, however, advancing down the board isn’t so bad. At least not at first.

As the knobs get bigger and bigger, and they work their way down the line, their asses are getting warmer and looser, and they both imagine they’ll be able to make it all the way.


Mormon Boyz….Elder Foster

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Feb 072016

Elder Foster

The men who make up the secretive Mormon priesthood body known as The Orderexpect total, immediate submission from the boys they choose to initiate.

And the boys have learned through years of training to obediently do everything asked of them, without questioning.

They know never to question their leaders.

Additionally, the men of The Order screen candidates for qualities such as self-discipline, confidence, and physical allure.

Elder Foster has become very familiar with these characteristics. Selected for initiation because of his boyish good looks and voracious sexual appetite, he has submitted with pleasure to everything asked of him.

He loves having a strong man grip his body and tell him what to do. He loves making his leaders happy.

When a boy both respects and trusts his leader, they can form the deepest, most intimate bonds.


Mormon Boyz….Patriarch Smith

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Feb 072016

Patriarch Smith

Patriarch Smith is always happy to fulfill his duty toward the young men whom The Order assigns to his care. Currently he’s been put in charge of disobedient Elder Isaacs.

It seems the young missionary has been engaging in an extreme amount of unsanctioned gay sex. Despite the disciplinary efforts of the Patriarch’s fellow priesthood leaders, they have been unable to make Isaacs feel regret or remorse.

The Patriarch understands Elder Isaacs. He himself was once young and wild. He understands that sexual experiences can be overwhelming and addicting for a young man.

But he also knows the intense pleasure to be gained from controlling and directing sexual impulses, from denying and then releasing them. And he knows best way to teach the young missionary how to ride the edge of his desire is some good old hands-on experience.

Patriarch Smith has had the pleasure of meeting Elder Isaacs previously.


Mormon Boyz….Elder Lindsay..Elder Ricci

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Feb 072016

Elder Lindsay..Elder Ricci

Elder Ricci doesn’t know why the mission president asked him and his companion, Elder Lindsay, to come stay at the mission home for a few days — but he sure is glad to be there.

Up to now, his mission has been a grinding chore, long work days with little time to rest, his missionary apartment is hardly fancy, and his stipend is barely enough to feed himself.

But here at the mission home, there’s nothing to do all day but read the scriptures (and fantasize about having sex with his hot, and willing, companion), and the home is way more comfortable than their little apartment, and the food here is great.

The only downside to living here at the mission headquarters is the lack of privacy. Back in their own apartment, Elder Ricci and Elder Lindsay have become totally reckless about their sexual adventures.


Mormon Boyz….Elder Larsen

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Feb 072016

Elder Larsen

Elder Larsen has been on the verge of cumming since President Woodruff started fucking him, but he can’t reach the tingling head of his dick to stroke himself to climax.

He has just been fucked harder and longer than ever before — but something tells him that relentless President Woodruff is just getting started.

The president slides his thick cock out of the boy’s compliant hole. Buck naked, his legs spread, strapped down to a desk, Elder Larsen can’t see what Woodruff is up to behind him. The tie around his neck isn’t long enough, so the boy has to stand on his tiptoes to focus on the incredible sensations in his ass, and whenever he forgets and relaxes, the tie chokes him.

Expecting the president’s dick again, he’s surprised to feel the man’s big thumb against his hole. Woodruff massages his anus for a moment, flicks it with a finger, and then spreads his cheeks and starts to slap his sensitive flesh.


Mormon Boyz….Elder Stewart

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Feb 072016

Elder Stewart

The innocent-looking, but insatiable, Mormon boy knows what he’s in for when he’s finally called in for his ordination to be performed by Bishop Angus. What he doesn’t know is how long and hard the bishop will fuck him during this secret ceremony.

Whenever Elder Stewart saw Bishop Angus, he knew his hole was about to be opened wide. The boy had gotten to know the priesthood leader intimately over their several encounters — he knew the older man’s odor, his taste, and every inch of his hairy, muscular body.

But the man’s mind remained a mystery to the boy. They met when he was new to the area, and back then the bishop had a lot to say.

But that was short lived. And he never had much to say during their intense physical encounters, and what he did say consisted of precise ritual language and very clear, sometimes graphic, instructions.


Mormon Boyz….Elder White..The Endowment

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Feb 072016

Elder White..The Endowment

Elder White had never seen a cock as President Nelson’s before his mission — let alone touched one, sucked one, or taken one up his ass.

After the muscular man shot a load of cum on his hole and then fucked it into him, the missionary’s whole body tingles. He sprawls on the President’s desk, then feels the man’s huge body crush him as he leans down to kiss him.

As soon as Elder White’s legs work again, the President tells him to stand up and get dressed, then leads him to a small stall. There he changes into a temple robe, tied on both sides—though hardly concealing anything at all.

Elder White is a little embarrassed to come out of the stall, exposed as he is, but he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror and thinks the robe makes him look like a Greek statue.


Mormon Boyz….Elder Issacs..Elder Larsen

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Feb 072016

Elder Issacs and Elder Larsen

Stepping out of the shower together..Elder Isaacs and Elder Larsen are experiencing a physical and emotional high.

Their mission is coming to an end, and looking back at their service, even they are amazed at how much they’ve seen and done in a short time.

They have gone through the secret mormon rituals required to join the ranks of The Order. And it’s these sexual experiences, guided by men of the priesthood, that really changed the boys’ lives.

As intended, their Mormon missions served as an all male sexual education.

On their last night in the field, the boys are wired, bursting with nervous energy. Wrestling in their garments had been a bit of spontaneous fun, but it did little to wear them out.