Chaosmen….Lorenzo and Truman

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May 212016

Truman Tops!

Ok, so I know that it is usually a bigger deal when someone Bottoms, but for Truman is was a big deal to Top.

Before the shoot he reminded me he had not ever fucked a girl in the ass, and that he really wanted to try. He has been doing awesome as a Bottom. Always hard when getting fucked, and guys can easily fuck the cum out of him.
Lorenzo and Truman

So we decided if he was in the zone, he should try topping. Lorenzo was excited to be his ‘first.’

Lorenzo starts by getting Truman’s cock hard, toying and teasing his dick until he was fully hard. Truman was impressed, “You’re really good at that!” Lorenzo smiles and really goes after his dick like a pro.

He climbs on top of Truman and starts to fuck his face. He spins around and they both give each other head.

Lorenzo lifts his legs up and shows us Truman’s perfect hole. He rims it, getting Truman in the zone to get fucked.

Truman gets on his stomach so that Lorenzo could fuck him flat. It is one of those positions that require guys to get a workout in and is tough to do. But Lorenzo had done a cam show with members the night before, without nutting, so he was soooo ready to fuck someone in any position!

Lorenzo puts him through his paces, fucking him doggy style and then on his back. That gets Truman charged up enough to finally try Topping. He was staying hard from the ass pounding and just knew he could Top.

He struggles to find Lorenzo’s hole, but once he is in him you can tell he he loves drilling a dude for the first time!

Lorenzo also knew this was his first time, and totally got-off on taking his Top virginity. He cums quickly after Lorenzo pounds his hole!

Truman does an amazing job unloading on Lorenzo’s butt hole. Like frosting a cake, he totally coats his hole with his DNA. He pushes the cum inside of him with his spent cock!


Chaosmen….Alec and Bradley

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May 212016

Alec and Bradley

I thought I would give you 16 inches of cock. Ok, so it’s more like 8 inches per guy, but both Alec and Bradley are nicely hung and between the two of them, that’s a lot of meat!

Alec is not shy about showing-off his cock, so I set them up to watch each other while they stroke their cocks. Both guys are very turned on. Bradley tells Alec to come suck his cock. Bradley is good with his Bossy vibe.

Alec dives in and manages to get a lot of Bradley’s uncut cock into his mouth. His cock-sucking skills have improved so much over his time at ChaosMen. The dude is always down to play with a cock, either in his mouth or up his ass!

Bradley has Alec stand up, and then sets to work on getting Alec’s cock back up. After getting him solid, he moves onto to Alec’s ass, getting it slicked up for his big cock with his tongue.

Alec continues to surprise me at how easily he takes a large dick AND stays hard. He even rides Bradley’s cock with his own dick flopping around hard. Bradley gives him the reach around and strokes his cock to full attention while also banging his ass.

The cum shot is fun too. Just as Alec is about to cum, Bradley’s cock falls out. Alec freezes mid cum shot as if to say, “keep fucking me!” Bradley gets it back in, and Alec ejaculates for a very long time.

Bradley didn’t need any training when it came time to breed his boy! Perfect!


Chaosmen….Bryan and Lucian

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May 212016

Bryan and Lucian

Well this is a quick one!

Lucian was very turned on by the massage. I started slowly by oiling him up, but his cock was hard and throbbing with just few quick massages of his ass.

I get him doggy-style so I can rim his hole. I play with his cock too, and I could tell he might accidently bust. He is REALLY trying not to cum.

So I flip him on over to take him down a couple levels. But before long I am stroking his hard cock and I guess he was trying to not nut.

He really isn’t making a lot of noise, so I am not sensing how close he is. I maybe blow him a minute and suddenly he is telling me he is going to cum. I jump back, hoping he will not nut, but the load just wanted to come out.

He is such a quick shooter!

There is actually on outtake at the very end. I tried to get him to nut a second time, but it wasn’t going to happen. But it is hot seeing him tense up and getting close a second time.


Chaosmen….Atticus and Noah

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May 212016

Wow! This is an amazing Serviced video, with two guys who are totally into sucking and pleasing each other’s cocks!

You can see a Bossy Top vibe that Atticus has when he takes control of Noah from the outset. He is all about toying and teasing his new buddy. Noah was dripping precum the whole time!
Atticus and Noah

The verbal on this video is really hot. You might have to turn your speakers up as Atticus whispers some amazingly hot things to Noah!

The two also clearly love to kiss each other!

They also rim each other, but pay close attention to Atticus as he plays with Noah’s boy hole! Yep, that looks like a natural Top to me! Sucking and licking his hole while also making sure his cock is teased really showcases the skills Atticus has in bed!

Noah didn’t miss out on rimming Atticus either. He has such a massive frame that we got him upright so Noah could plunge his tongue deep.

They get in a 69 position with Noah on bottom. Atticus keeps his cock planted in Noah’s mouth while working his cock extra hard.

That makes Noah cum, and he is left gasping for air with Atticus mass practically suffocating him!

They swap places so Atticus can rim and play with his Noah’s hole. That gets Atticus hard again, so Noah moves in between his legs to get into a Full Servicing position!

Noah makes Atticus cum and it mirrors perfectly his own cum shot. They both lap up the oozing seed from each other’s cock!

Noah finishes it off by sharing Atticus’s load with a nice cummy kiss!


Chaosmen….Channing and Cooper

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May 212016

When Channing first came in, I knew just who I wanted to pair him with for his first ChaosMen adventure. He and Cooper Reed look fantastic together. Two muscled and tan hunks with natural body hair!
Channing and Cooper

Cooper is rocking a beard the last couple shoots, and is putting him in a Daddy category. He is all grown up now and is all man!

Channing is a bashful and shy guy, and I knew Cooper could bring him out of his shell.

Boy did he!

They both devour each other’s cocks, swapping oral like pros. My favorite is seeing Channing sit on Cooper’s face. His bubble-butt looks amazing getting rimmed while Cooper strokes his hard cock. Cooper gets his ass all slicked up so Channing can sit on it.

Channing slides down Cooper’s body and slips his cock inside his ass. I don’t think Channing has bottomed too many times, but he does a great job grinding around on Cooper’s cock. Dude stays hard too, so seems like a versatile guy.

I have not seen Cooper get fucked in a while so it was time to do some flip-fucking. Channing eases his cock inside of Cooper, who clearly loves having a cock in him.

Cooper moves to get on his back, but first stops to suck on Channing’s cock. There are a couple really hot ATM moments in the video, so Ass To Mouth fans will love it!

Channing fucks the cum out of Cooper, then proceeds to lap up his load. They share a cummy kiss, with a giant glob of DNA on their lips.

Channing’s nails the cream pie, and once he is done fucking the cum into Cooper, he makes Cooper clean his cum-soaked cock!


Chaosmen….Amador and Malik

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May 212016

Amador and Malik

I had two Cuban guys come to the studio with a about a week or two. I knew I wanted to put them together. Malik loves to bottom, and with Amador’s big cock, he assured me he could take him. Two hung uncut Latin guys!

Malik knew he could handle Amador, but I was not so sure how Amador would do. Even though he has stripped for guys in clubs, he seems quiet and reserved. You can tell this is his first time being filmed. He has a ‘down low’ vibe going.

Still I asked that maybe he jump into doing porn by sucking some dick right away. He didn’t seem to mind at all, and you can tell it was his first time tackling another’s guy cock. Amador kept Malik reasonably hard, and Malik seemed to enjoy the fact he was getting sucked by such a straight acting guy.

Malik returns the favor, and Amador is more in his element. Getting his dick sucked! Malik is having a great time servicing him, and his passive nature really comes to the foreground. He has no problems keeping Amador hard. I think he was hoping Amador would be more verbal. We encouraged him to talk dirty, but he seemed a little shy and silly about it.

Malik gets on his back so he can fuck his face. It is so hot seeing Amador’s curved cock slide down his throat. Amador strokes his cock, trying to keep his buddy hard. Malik works his way to his ass, rimming his hairy hole.

It was time to fuck and we let Amador fuck Malik doggy style so he would easily penetrate him. Amador’s seems uncertain about how much motion he can use, so Malik just does all the work, grinding his ass back and forth on his uncut cock.

Since Malik was doing most of the work, and Amador was staying hard, we had Malik ride him next. Using his down curve, Malik sat on him reverse style. Perfect! Malik grinds up and down, servicing his cock with his ass.

Amador fucks him on his back next, and that gets Malik’s cock rock solid. At first I thought they were evenly matched in the cock department, but I do believe Malik’s cock is quite a bit bigger than Amador’s already significant cock!



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May 212016


Rhyce is 19 and has an interesting upbringing. He is straight, but both his parent identify as gay. He has no actual gay sex experience, but when he saw the opportunity to do video work, he figured he was open-minded enough to give it a go.

Usually the guys have conservative type of upbringing, so it was refreshing to have someone relaxed and not worried.

He says he is into the bad girls, and I pulled up a tatted-up girl that he was really in to.

Rhyce also got hard easy for both the photos and video, and nutted within minutes of putting his mind to it. Should be fun to play with!


Chaosmen….Luca and Wren

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May 212016

Luca and Wren

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure this is the first time Luca Rosso has done a raw video. In the past he has usually bottomed on video, but in real life, he is actually more of a Top. He also tends to go for twink type guys, and though I am not sure if Wren qualifies as a Twink, he is pretty close to one and Luca was really happy to work with Wren.

So in other words, I got a great match-up for him for his first time condom-free!

I pushed for a little more sensual on this video, having them starting out by making-out. I think you can see that Luca has a bossy vibe when paired properly. Wren certainly was hard and ready to have his cock sucked. Luca’s dom vibe turned him on.

Luca is definitely a pleaser when it comes to cock sucking. He works all his skills on Wren’s cock, and when he is done, he straddles Wren’s face and gets his own cock sucked. Luca really liked Wren’s long hair, so he was VERY turned on for this video!

They 69, and Wren rims Luca’s hole for a bit.

Luca flips Wren doggie-style and then he slides his raw cock deep into Wren. Luca may not be horse-hung, but he is an accomplished Top! I think this video really showcases his ability to be a Top!

Even when Wren rides him, which is typically an issue for most Tops, he stays hard. Of course it helps that Wren is riding his cock like a pro!

Wren gets on his back so that Luca can fuck the cum out of him. Luca has to work to keep thrusting while on the couch, but he keeps it going until Wren’s cock is spurting cum!

And if this is indeed Luca’s first bareback video, then this would also be his first cream pie. He nuts all over his hole, then shoves the cum in.